Upcycling Service

Do you have items in your wardrobe you don't wear anymore?

Click here to watch a video on how our upcycling service works!  

If you would like them "re_considered" and made into items you will love & wear again, then take a look at the upcycling service we provide and find out how it works below: 

OPTION 1: Workshirt --> Blouse


OPTION 2: Trousers --> Overalls


OPTION 3: Pillow Cases/Other Material --> Tie-Back Top

OPTION 4: Shirt --> Dress

OPTION 5: Your Own Design

You can also add accessories to be made out of the leftover fabric:

Scrunchie: £4

Mask: £7.50

Headband: £7

Pencil case/ Glasses case: £14

Coin purse: £10 


We have limited options currently but we're working on including many more and recognise the need to start somewhere! However, please don't hesitate to suggest your own design and we will endeavour to create it!

How the service works:

  • Fill out the form below
  • You will then get an email with a link to your virtual appointment where we'll spend 10 mins helping you decide on what you want from your upcycle and all the payment and logistics in between!  
  • Note: by signing up to the initial appointment you are not in any way obliged to follow through with the service.
  • Your item will then be returned, transformed, within 14 days of receiving the material. 
  • Click here to watch a video on how it works!  


Please note: This service is limited to people who live in the UK. It is also all a work in progress and so please bear with us as we start the ball rolling on custom upcycling!  





Examples of past upcycles: