Saying No to Black Friday

Wardrobe Stories is an antidote to the devastating waste produced by fast fashion consumerism, in the form of a short film and photo series.

Participants modelled both items they treasure, and unloved pieces they rarely wear. The Re_considered team repaired, restyled, and reworked those unloved pieces to show that by reinvigorating old pieces of clothing we can move away from the throwaway culture of fast fashion towards a model of circularity.

We're asking people to stop buying more and tell stories instead.

Check in every day this week for a new Wardrobe Story!



For the chance to win a free upcycle, send us your wardrobe story!

Do you have a favourite dress with a story? A pair of jeans handed down? A jacket you mended yourself?

We want to hear your stories, no matter how big or small :)

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Huge Thank You To Everyone Who made Wardrobe Stories Happen!


Stories from:

Clara Bunyan-Hird @cclarifyy

Marie-Anna Caufour @marieanna_cfr

Deborah Cardoso Ribas @deborahcardosoribas

Emmanuel Demuren @manlikemny

Rosie Okotcha @rosieokotcha

Rosa Morell @therosaroom

Siena Julie @sustainablesiena

Hannah Bardwell @7_hannnah

Tabby Bunyan @tabby_bunyan

Rory Quick @not_so_quick

Albin Kaindl

Pablo Gerisher 

Myrto Katsoulidou @myrtokats

Izzy Manuel @izzy_manuel

Film Crew:

Isis Hope-Lloyd (Cinematographer) @isis_hope_lloyd

Sky Lewis (Cinematographer) @sky__lewis

Rory Leighton (Colour Grader)

Joe C (Sound Mixing)

Ella-Mae Earnshaw (Graphics)

Photo Series:

Sasha Sedy @sedyukpro (Make-up)

Joe Hunter (Photographer) @joeldn_

Jess Pearson @jesspearsonphotography


Clara Bunyan-Hird (Re-Styler) 

Teresa Carmona (Reviver - Embroiderer) @this_is_revive

Tabby Bunyan (Upcycler) @re_considered

Vintage Shops Who Lent Us Clothes for Styling:

Cream Vintage @creambricklane

Scout @scoutvintageldn

ATIKA @atikalondon


Rosa Morell (Social Media) @therosaroom

Naomi Weir (Content Writer)