Fabreco® is a recycled solid material made from waste textiles and bio-resin.

In collaboration with Erthly, using innovative technology we have developed a multi purpose material with uses ranging from furniture, to jewellery, to homeware design. Fabreco® can replace products made from virgin materials.

At Re_considered, we found the need to make a recycled material when we were accumulating lots of scrap fabrics and threads when upcycling. They were too small to make into accessories or use in other projects. After saving bags of the waste fabric, we began experimenting with bio-resins and shapes until we made the first pair of earrings.


 In Collaboration with the V&A 

Re_considered has been selling Fabreco® earrings since early 2021 at pop-up shops and online. In May 2023, in collaboration with the V&A, Re_considered launched a collection of jewellery made from the V&A’s conservation work waste fabric. The collection was comprised of earrings, necklaces, and brooches.

Our Partner, Erthly

We collaborated with Erthly to develop and create Fabreco using their innovative technology, manufacturing capabilities, and sustainable material knowledge.