Designed for the festival season, this outfit finds the perfect balance between style and functionality, embodied by these waterproof trousers from Naked Youth. The Daily Paper shirt steals the show here, marrying a 90s style and palette with the futuristic design. Styled as a tribute to early 90s rave culture, dancing and Hacienda this garment speaks to the power of nostalgia in the creation and performance identity. Emmanuel wore this outfit to his first festival post-lock down, with the retro detailing as a conscious nod to vibrancy and liberation. It turned out to be a great conversation starter, strangers would approach him mistaking it for a football shift, giving him the opportunity to introduce the aesthetic and ethos of Native Youth. 

“This was the first outfit I wore for this festival season after being locked up for ages, I’ll always remember it for that reason.”

“I went to Gala festival in Peckham in this top. Lots of people were like “I really like that, what team is that?” It’s not a team though it's a brand, but it is in that kind of style. 

We love Emmanuel's wardrobe story because it has such a powerful sense of memory and experience. Our clothes speak to our sense of history and nostalgia, they offer us a platform for self-expression and for connection. After so long in isolation, we think this is something really special. We love the way Emmanuel blends style, practicality and sustainability in this festival look. The festival season is a great opportunity for self-expression but this doesn’t have to mean you have to buy a whole new outfit each time. Here are some tips for festival shopping sustainably and breaking up with fast fashion in the process. First and foremost, we recommend restyling what you already have in your wardrobe or borrowing and swapping pieces with family and friends. Short of that, you can always opt to upcycle any existing pieces or shop second-hand.