What We're Excited to Listen to, Read and Watch in September

What We're Excited to Listen to, Read and Watch in September

Hi there!

At Re_considered it’s been a hectic month for us with events, workshops and pop-up shops taking place. So, naturally our list of things we’ve been meaning to read/listen and watch has been mounting. Here are the front runners for the remainder of this month:


1. Podcast


First up is our new fave: Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press. In her chart topping podcast, Clare advocates for fairer, greener and cleaner fashion, what’s not to love?. She addresses sustainability within the fashion industry in an eye opening yet accessible way. We found this podcast only last month so are very excited to explore more of the topics that she covers.


2. Book



Next, we’re going to look at a book that has been on our list for a while. Judging by the hundreds of great reviews, Clothing Poverty: The Hidden World of Fast Fashion and Second Hand Clothes by Andrew Brooks is a definite must read for us.

Within the book, Brooks reveals how fast fashion and charity shops have become part of commodity chains that perpetuate inequality across the globe. Featuring narratives from tribes, cotton growers and factory workers, Brooks uncovers the concealed aspects of the fashion industry. 

This will be an eye-opening and necessary read! Especially to hear more about the role of charity shops and second hand fashion in contributing to inequality as this is discussed far less than fast fashion.


3. TV


 More a light-hearted one here but we have heard nothing but good stuff about Worn Stories. It’s a light-hearted yet emotional docuseries that delves into people’s wardrobes and documents the story behind certain pieces. These stories are said to be emotional and depict the connection that we can have to clothes, going beyond their material value. We love a good wardrobe story so this sounds right up our street!


Thanks for reading some snippets of what’s on our agenda over the next month or so! We’d love to hear about any recommendations you have, so drop us a comment below if you have any.

Speak soon!

Re_considered team x

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