Wardrobe Story: Rosie

For our next Wardrobe Story we have interviewed the lovely Rosie who is a model and sustainable fashion influencer (pretty much just super cool). Rosie takes us through the memories that certain pieces of clothing conjure up as well as touching on who her style icons are!
1.    What do clothes mean to you?
My clothes are like little gems I’ve forged through out my life. They symbolise certain moments in my personal and style journey. 
2.    What is your favourite item in your wardrobe and why?
This is a hard question, but probably either my brown vintage bronx boots I got on depop or my most recent second hand find a black baby doll dress! 
3.    Tell us a story about an item in your wardrobe, or a story that you remember whenever you wear that piece.
I have a white little playsuit I got in around 2014, for an important family event, and some how it seems to have grown with me as now it still fits! I always take it on holiday with me so it brings back memories of sunny walks around towns,  Italian restaurants, and Parisian cafes. I feel as though I’ve filled the fabric with so many good memories that whenever I wear it I can’t help but be happy! 
4.    Do you have any clothes passed down to you that hold a special meaning?
I have my mums vintage Levi denim jacket, she got it when she was around 20 and eventually surrendered it to me when I was 17 as I wore it so much. I love it as I feel connected to my mum as I saw her wearing it as I grew up so when I was given it I felt as though I was moving onto this whole new adult chapter of life.
5.   Is there much in your wardrobe which you don't wear often/at all?
I always keep my wardrobe divided seasonally so that it feels fresh and exciting each season change and stops me buying more. So I suppose I don’t wear the chunks I put away, but I don’t feel bad about it or like I’m wasting them as I know it actually stops me over consuming and keeps me excited about wearing what I already have. 
6.    Given your experience shopping second-hand and sustainably, do you think that you value those items more than the ones bought new/from fast fashion places?
I definitely value my second-hand pieces more as they are one of a kind, and I feel the experience of finding them creates a deeper connection as you have spent time searching and seeing potential in things you normally wouldn’t. 
7.    Who/what inspires your wardrobe choices do you think? 
Unfortunately I’m sure social media does to an extent. So I always try to be my own inspiration and create mood boards fairly often to inspire my style and to help it develop, you will usually see a lot of 00s references like Paris Hilton, Bella Hadid and lately Elsa Hosk combined with Vivienne Westwood’s earlier collections, Maison Margiella Tabis always make an appearance.