The Story of Our No Waste Earrings

The Story of Our No Waste Earrings


Sometimes, you can’t avoid making waste, but you can always make use of it. Although we make garments from old clothes and materials, there are always scrap bits of fabric and threads that get chopped off and put in the waste pile. I knew we had to think creatively about what to do with these bits and so our no-waste earrings were created! In this blog post, I thought I would explain the earrings and how they have been made.



After collecting up any offcuts I had created, we spent a couple of days shredding the fabric into tiny bits.



After lots of experiments and trial runs, we found what ratio of resin to fabric would work. We then mixed and set the fabric and resin in our own moulds. Once they were cured, we began the finishing process, drilled in the holes, and attached the earring hooks and rings. Ta dah! No-waste earrings!


Our first set were made up from a whole range of different fabrics accumulated over time, giving this multicoloured, multitextured effect. The ones we are releasing now have been made from specific bits of fabric to give a more block-coloured look.



Let us know what you think of them and the process!

Tabby x 



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