Sustainable gifts

The Re_considered Sustainable Gift Guide

Gifting encourages overconsumption right? How do you find products that have been made with the planet in mind and don't go against what you stand for? 

Gifting sustainable fashion is a great way to give someone something unique to add to their wardrobe whilst reducing your (and their) environmental footprint. The fashion industry is known to be one of the most polluting industries worldwide. ‘Approximately 60% of fast fashion items are known to be constructed with plastic based fabrics.’ These materials significantly contribute to the global plastic pollution crisis over the course of their life cycle. Further research has also demonstrated that ‘the average person only wears 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time.’ With such a damaging effect on the environment from fabric production and only 20% of peoples wardrobes being worn, it is imperative that the industry makes a sustainable shift.

All our products have been made from pre-loved fabrics, hand-crafted by seamstresses in London, and have their own stories to tell. Here are our favourite pieces to get from our website that prove exciting, sustainable fashion is just a click away:

1. The FERN bag

The FERN bag is a super fun, flirty accessory that can spice up any outfit. Each bag is made from upcycled fabric and padded with 100% recycled textile, ethically made by our talented seamstresses. Fastened in two ways, the FERN bag ensures your outfit shifts from day to night with style.

Upcycled Bag

2. The COZE pyjama set

For those people who love to get cozy, the COZE pyjama set ensures ultimate comfort and timeless design. With thousands of Christmas pyjamas being worn and then discarded around the holiday period it is important to us that we create timeless designs for your seasonless wardrobe. Each set comprises a oversized shirt with relaxed collar and elasticated trouser.

Sustainable Pyjamas


Relax and unwind with our EYEMASK, the perfect stocking filler, padded with deadstock wadding for maximum comfort and ultimate relaxation. The EYEMASK is made from exciting, upcycled fabrics and lined with either cotton or silk to ensure a soft, comfortable fit over the eyes.

Sustainable eye mask

4. The FLORRIE bag

FLORRIE is the perfect tote for those at school or work, able to hold a 13’’ laptop. The fun geometric design ensures a stylish accessory to your daytime look. Each bag is created responsibly by our skilled seamstresses using repurposed fabric and padded with deadstock wadding.

sustainable puffer bag


The EARRINGS are made from scrap fabric and biodegradable resin, the ultimate sustainable accessory to enhance someone’s wardrobe. Each one is entirely unique, hand cut and sanded down, the fabrics reveal a magical marbles effect! 

sustainable earrings


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