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Founder's Diary - Re_considered Week in The Life


Things are really changing for Re_considered. We have a new studio, Holly has started full-time, and I have made a long list of “resolutions”, goals, plans, and life changes to better the way we work and grow our circular fashion practices. It’s really exciting but it’s also hugely daunting. With more people supporting us, the more it feels as though we are doing things right, and that we have huge potential, but it also means that the stakes are much higher. 

Upcycling studio

Our new start officially began on the 13th of September, when we moved into our new studio in Poplar. Having gathered all of Re_considered’s things from the various studios and homes we had been working out of, all our stuff is now here, and it feels so good! 


This week we have been working on the production of the Christmas collection and Holly has led the upgrading of our patterns, tech packs, and core collection designs. There’s lots coming up - we have The Sustainability Show in Islington on Saturday which we are attending with Comhla, and we’ll be at the South London Makers Market next Saturday (22nd Oct). 

As I write this, I am feeling quite overwhelmed and tired. Maybe the start of burnout (which wouldn’t surprise me as burnout usually comes at the end of a three week cycle, and today is day 21). I feel heavy, slow, and as if my creativity has been zapped. The to do list appears endless and time is ticking by like it’s on fast forward. I’ll take a nice break this evening, gather my thoughts, and start chipping away at the to-do list without putting too much pressure on myself. If there’s one thing I have learned from running a small business, it’s to understand what you can control and what you can’t. 

The last couple of weeks have been great fun in terms of the upcycles we have carried out. We started off September by finishing a corset rework; our customer sent us a dress that was too small for her, so we opened up the side seams and added corseting so that it is now adjustable (and also really funky looking). We made rouleau straps out of a pre-loved black dress to create the ribbon and also extended the straps to create a tie effect using the same black fabric. 

reworked corseted dress

Our second rework highlight of the week was turning a vintage midi silk blue skirt into the cutest dress for another customer. The fabric was pretty tricky to work with but we’re so happy with the result. To get the right shape, we traced the pattern of a dress our customer loves and adapted it slightly to our own design (adding a tie-back and an elasticated waistband for comfort and adjustability). We used some pink satin fabric for the lining at the back and just can’t wait for the customer to receive it back! 

Tabby x 

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