8 Sustainable Styling Tips You Need To Know

8 Sustainable Styling Tips You Need To Know

Written by Betsy Marquess


Switching from fast fashion to sustainable fashion and styling can be rather daunting but it doesn’t have to be, the journey can be an exciting experience and hopefully the 8 tips I’ve put together can help you along the way.

1. Open up your wardrobe and see what you have


 Betsy Marquess (writer)

People seem to think when you begin your sustainable journey you have to throw out your current wardrobe and start afresh but that’s simple not true, remember wearing the clothes that you already own is the most sustainable way, make use of what you have, learn to love and look after them.

2. Outfit repeating, rewear and restyle

                                                                                                    Tabby (founder)

Outfit repeating is underrated, especially when it’s a piece that you feel amazing in, why would you not want to rewear them? Once again open your wardrobe up and spend time creating outfits and styling pieces in multiple different ways. I personally take loads of photos and put them in a separate album on my phone so if your stuck for inspiration have a flick across the outfits you’ve created and go from there, be your own personal stylist.

3. Remove temptation

  • Unsubscribe from those pesky fast fashion emails
  • Delete fast fashion shopping apps
  • Unfollow bloggers that you’re not inspired by
  • And stop watching those massive fashion hauls

Removing the temptation makes your sustainable fashion styling journey slightly easier especially when its’ on the palm of your hand, it’s so easy to give up when it’s so accessible. You can always swap those apps for more sustainable choices such as Vinted, eBay, Depop and Vestiaire.

 4. Banning the Instagram pressure and learn about your own personal style

Society makes us feel like we need follow every single micro trend in the books but that’s simply not the case, you can still look amazing in something that you’ve owned for 5+ years. Spot out what items you tend to gravitate to the most and build your own personal style from there, you look so much better in the clothes you love over what a fast fashion brand tells you to love.  

5. Do your research, read books and follow sustainable bloggers

Research about how fashion has such detrimental effect on our planet (our home) it gives you some perspective and drive to do better and stick with your sustainable fashion journey. Research brands that “do their bit” and invest your money in small and sustainable companies that pay their workers. Reading books is a good way to learn how to sustainably style, my personal favourites are “how to break up with fast fashion” by Lauren Bravo, “How to Quit Fast Fashion” by Emma Mathews, “To Die For: is fashion wearing out the world? By Lucy Siegle and The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L. Cline. I know I previously said to ban that Instagram pressure, but you can find some amazing sustainable fashion bloggers on there especially some micro bloggers, see how they sustainably style and take inspiration.  

6. Creating wish lists

A good way to make sure that you’re not going wild when buying clothes whether that be second hand or with a sustainable brand create wish list of what you want/ need therefore you won’t be as tempted to stray and buy items you don’t necessarily need. When creating your wish list take the time to image on how you’ll style them and how your pair items with things that you already own, a good way to sustainably style.   

7. Make do and mend, quality over quantity

The saying “make do and mend” seems just as relevant today as it was in the 1940’s because of the climate crisis we’re facing and mending the clothes we already own is such a simple way create a sustainable wardrobe. Having a little button collection and a mini sewing kit seems to be the way forward. Don’t worry if you’re not the best at sewing find yourself a good tailor to do those tricky fixes or get yourself on YouTube and give yourself some lessons. When sustainably styling my biggest recommendation is to buy quality over quantity, I understand this isn’t feasible for everybody, but this is where your secondhand apps come is useful to find those more quality items and let’s face it someone has most likely only worn it once. Don’t forget searching for vintage items, they’ve already stood the test of time so with some extra care they’ll live happily in your wardrobe for years to come.    

8. Build your wardrobe around wardrobe classics and avoid fashion trends

Buying wardrobe classics/ key pieces such as a white shirt, a good pair of jeans, a good, tailored blazer and little black dress will carry your wardrobe and you can build your personal style around it such as adding a good floral blouse and a pair of dr marten boots. When styling I suggest avoiding trend led pieces as they come and go as quick as you can buy them, but if you do buy trends make sure it’s something you can imagine yourself wearing in a year or so’s time.


I hope you love the tips that I’ve put together but remember don’t be too hard on yourself if you buy into fast fashion as long as you do your best. It’s not an overnight change into sustainable styling, always have fun with your wardrobe.


Betsy x  

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