Rory also sees his rugby jersey as a kind of tether to his family, specifically to his father. His Dad bought the jersey, from the 1994 HK Rugby 7s series when they were living in Hong Kong and he would wear it to play Rugby. Rory has seen pictures of his father in the jersey as a young man, and it brings him a lot of joy to imagine his father in it. Underneath, he reveals a t-shirt which he picked up while he was living in Jordan. The t-shirt itself seems to have originated from New Orleans and it’s anybody’s guess how it found its way to Jordan, but for Rory, this is part of the appeal.



“This is my dad’s old Rugby jersey from when he used to live in Hong Kong, obviously those are happy memories, and there are loads of pictures of him in it so it’s a personal favourite.”

“I bought this t-shirt in Jordan when I lived there. I don't know how it ended up in Jordan to be honest as it’s from some Jazz thing in New Orleans.”