​​Pablo’s Mongolian fleece was handed down to him by his father, who had bought it originally on a trip to the country. It has become a crucial part of his weekend routine: he wears it on cold mornings as he is waking up, having his coffee, and starting his uni work. It represents comfort for him, both physically and emotionally, as a tether to his father. Pablo bought his shirt when he first moved to London, over a decade ago. He loves it both stylistically and because it reminds him of the start of a journey which led to his new life in the city. Pablo takes great care of his shoes, cleaning the laces regularly. Even though his friends tease him about it, they have lasted years because he keeps them in such good nick.   

This shirt reminds me of coming to London, this was the start, back in the day, it’s really funny to have something that represents the start of this journey and a new life.” 

“A lot of my friends make fun of me because I like to clean these shoes and keep them in good shape. I would highly recommend washing your shoelaces, you can have them for a couple of years.”

We love that Pablo takes such great care of his shoes; by treasuring your things and fixing them up when they begin to wear, you can massively extend their lives, thereby reducing your environmental impact.