Myrto's Restyle

As well as upcycling and recycling one's wardrobe, styling using second-hand items and accessorising in the right way, can be as effective in rejuvenating those pieces in your wardrobe that don't get enough wear.

Clara, the Wardrobe Stories stylist, tells us how she went about restyling Myrto's shirt: 

"Myrto’s shirt was a lovely piece to start with as as the colour was so striking! It was also a tricky one to think of colours that would compliment it and not clash. I felt Myrto’s style was a good balance of feminine and masculine cuts so I decided to pair the shirt with a fitted blazer and loose tailored trousers both in neutral colours. They really complimented her natural colouring and allowed the purple to stand out."


"Also on the day we found the layered chains she was wearing finished the look perfectly! She felt empowered by her look and said she would definitely recreate it at home as she loved the colours together."