Izzy Manuel

Izzy's outfit includes an oversized herringbone coat in black and white that she discovered rummaging through a box of charity shop donations while she was helping her mum move house. As it turned out, her mum had worn it when she lived and worked in London and had kept it for close to 30 years. It’s perfect for the winter season and even has a secret unfurlable hood. 

“I was just rummaging around and I found it, I don’t really own a long, ankle-length coat that is really warm, '' she said “just take it, I’ve had it for 30 years!”I think she used to wear it to work in winter when she used to work in London. Now it’s mine, I’ve been wearing it loads, especially this season.”

Izzy’s lampshade dress is one of Tabby’s designs, made up from her childhood duvet cover. She reminisces “I have memories of my cat sitting on my bed when I was 7. This bedsheet was my favourite as a kid because it was so colourful and now I get to wear it which is very cool.” The bright colours of the duvet cover translate so well into a dress that perfectly matches Izzy’s bold, vibrant style.

Izzy’s Instagram: @izzy_manuel

How our upcycling service works: 

1. Find some old clothes/fabric that you want to be upcycled. Got an unloved denim jacket lurking in your wardrobe? Perhaps your grandma’s curtains that you’ve always thought would make a nice dress? Our team of fairy upcyclers can turn your old clothes and fabrics into something that’ll you love and get maximum use out of! Cool, right?

2. Decide what you would like doing to the item. Before we work our magic we’d like to know how you envisage the final product! Want it altered? E.g. hemmed, cropped, repaired? Want your item reworked? So turning one piece of clothing into another e.g. a pair of trousers into a cute co‑ord. Want a total transformation? E.g your grandma's curtains into that dress we were talking about. Well good news, as long as there’s enough material, we can make it happen for you!

3. Attend a virtual appointment with Tabby! Together, we can design your upcycle to be exactly how you want! We will discuss what you’d like the end product to be like and also the boring stuff like postage (yawn!) .Also, there’s no obligation to go through with the upcycle if you change your mind at this stage!

4. Post your fabric to us. As discussed in the appointment, you will send your unloved piece of clothing/fabrics to us, ready for it to be transformed into something extra special. 

5. Upcycling time. Tabby or another of our fabulous seamstresses will get to work on your upcycle! We work extra hard so that each aspect is perfect for you, down to the very last stitch.

6. Wait for your item to arrive back to you. The exciting part! You can expect to receive your custom upcycle within 14 days of us receiving the material. After all, good things come to those who wait!