Rework Service FAQ

How much does a custom upcycle cost?

The price for the upcycle will be determined during our 10 min chat once you have submitted the form.

We will then send a payment link once your items have arrived in our studio, and before we begin working on them.

Once we receive payment, we will begin working on them!

For orders over £120, we will ask for a deposit and the rest of the payment will be requested once the item is finsihed.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time really depends on the items you are sending us and how many things are in your order. As a rough estimate, it usually takes 4-5 weeks but we can give you a more accurate time-frame once we have had our 5-10 min call with you :)

Does it matter if I don't know what I want my item upcycled into?

This doens't matter at all! We are happy to help design or come up with ideas for the upcycle (you are not charged for the design process).

Do I need to come in for a fitting?

You won't necessarily need to come in for a fitting. It depends on how complex or what kind of item we are reworking. If you do need to/want to come in, we will organise this during out call.

Our studio address is:

Unit 13, 384 Abbott Road
Aberfeldy Village
E14 0UX