Clara picked up this jacket at a vintage kilo sale, but when she looked at it in the cool light of day back home she realised that the stickers up the side looked tired and scruffy, not her vibe at all. Since then, the jacket has sat at the back of her wardrobe, lonely and forlorn, never to be worn again. Until one day, Clara asked Tabby if there was anything that could be done to rehabilitate the jacket. Tabby got in touch with Teresa from Revive, an ethical fashion brand helping us to rethink the way that we consume fashion. Styled as a ‘tattoo parlour for your clothes’, their revival service breathes new life into old, worn pieces by embroidering beautiful designs over wear and tear, or in Clara’s case, weird stickers. Teresa revived the sad jacket by embroidering over a beautiful Grecian-style bust, totally transforming it. 

“I asked Tabby if there was anything I could do to cover it, she said Teresa from Revive could embroider it. She embroidered this Grecian bust, now I can wear it out again and again, it looks so good with my outfit.”

We absolutely love Clara's wardrobe story. Teresa’s creation is so special, and the perfect example of the amazing work that Revive is doing to combat the throwaway culture of fast fashion. Check out their website and try out their service, we promise you will love it. To achieve sustainability in the fashion industry, we need a colossal perspective adjustment. Rather than continuing down the line of buying clothes only to throw them away, we need to start thinking about the clothes in our wardrobes as cyclical: through upstyling and restyling, everything old can be new again. Not only is this better for the planet than the current linear model of fast fashion, responsible for the production of over 92 million tonnes of waste per year, but it can facilitate more meaningful relationships with our possessions, making for fuller lives, and lighter consciences.