Story Behind Our Bags

Our bags are made from fabric offcuts that we have leftover from our other upcycles and they are padded using a recycled fabric called "shoddy". 

Starting in the early 1800s, shoddy was the name given to a new material made from reclaimed wool, and to one of the earliest forms of industrial recycling. Old rags and leftover fabric clippings were ground to bits by a machine known as “the devil” and then re-used.
 Upcycled puffer bag
The Fern bag has been designed in such a way that means you can clasp it in two different ways and get two very different bag shapes - transitioning it very easily from day to night and all year round!
We then designed the Florrie bag to fulfil more practical needs! It is also padded using textile waste and made from fabric offcuts not used in the other upcycling that we do. It's a modern, funky twist on the tote bag with a tie strap and triangular shape.