Pop-up Shops and Markets Coming Up

8th May 
Clothing Repair Service
What we can mend on the day (free of charge)*: 
- Missing button replacement (we can replace buttons with our selection of second hand buttons or bring the spare button along with you if you have it!) 
- Shortening length of trousers 
- Shortening length of sleeves 
- Small tear repairs 
—— >   We’ll mend it for you on the day while you get a coffee and have a wander round the other stalls! 
*We will only be able to mend up to 2 items per person on the day (if you have more than 2 items that need repairing we can take these away and post them back to you repaired - these will not be free of charge) 
There will be a limited number of repairs we can do on the day for free so make sure to bring your items to us as soon as possible! 
Other Larger Repairs/Reworks (pricing determined on the day)**: 
- Larger repairs, e.g. zip replacement, large tear 
- Items in your wardrobe you don’t wear anymore and that could be reworked, e.g. dresses you don’t wear anymore could be turned into funky two piece sets, or an ill-fitting, old fashioned jacket could be reworked to suit your style
**We will take the items away with us to work on at our studio, and send them back to you by post. The price of these will be quoted for on the day. 
If you want to get in touch with us before the day about your items, please email me at tabby@reconsidered.co.uk or DM us on instagram @re_considered 
Link to tickets
12th May 
Secret Westminster Night Market, Soho