Our Story

My journey from buying fast fashion to only using circular fashion alternatives echoes the progress and beginnings of Re_considered itself. Like most of my friends, I always had such a huge wardrobe, filled with fast fashion purchases; clothes that I had only ever worn once or twice. I was always getting bored of the clothes I had and enjoyed the instant gratification of going shopping for lots of cheap clothes. However, when the first COVID lockdown started, I had no access to shopping. I then started reworking the clothes in my own wardrobe that I didn’t wear anymore.

After learning about the realities of the fast fashion industry and the impact it was having on our planet, I noticed the part that my peers and I played in it. We didn’t think about who or how our clothes are made, or the waste that is created by the brands we loved. Even if we were aware of sustainable fashion options, they seemed too expensive and out of our reach.

I began reworking clothes for other people and sharing my creations online. I believe we are drawn to items that have meaning attached to them and so through upcycling an item of clothing, we can create a story for the item which the person learns about when they buy something from Re_considered, or when they use our service.

---- Tabby Bunyan, Founder

Re_considered had humble beginnings and has now developed into a brand and service with huge ambition to fix the fashion industry.

At Re_considered we want to help people do the same. To show people how to "shop their wardrobes", and reuse what they already own. 


Re_considered's Upcyclers: 

Tabby Bunyan (Head Upcycler & Founder)


Grace Clarke 

 Aba Amoah