Our Story

Re_considered is an upcycling brand and service addressing fashion’s waste problem by
mainstreaming circularity. Through bespoke upcycling, educational resources, and products made from unwanted textiles, Re_considered has reimagined fashion consumption with the planet in mind.

Re_considered has partnered with companies such as OxWash and Save Your Wardrobe and
been featured in VOGUE, The Economist, and the BBC. Our work has involved bringing our
circular fashion and design expertise to our customers in the form of our unique custom
upcycling service. As well as our custom B2C service, we have worked B2B, transforming the
V&A’s fabric waste into a jewellery collection and have created reworked white-label
collections for second-hand stores.

"Re_considered was born out of a decision to change the shopping habits of my peers. My ultimate goal is to make clothing repair and rework the norm, and for people to feel empowered and equipped to look after their
clothes properly, so that we can reduce the negative environmental impact of the fashion industry." - Tabby Bunyan, Founder