Sustainability and Inclusivity

Although currently a small business, Re_considered has big dreams and strongly believes in practicing what we preach. 


  • Circularity is at the heart of what we do. We are dedicated to transforming a system of make-buy-waste into one of reuse-rewear-rework. 
  • Re_considered uses all second-hand, unwanted clothing as material, sourced from second-hand stores and kind donations!
  • Collaboration and kindness is key to reforming the current fashion industry and so we hope you will come along with us and help make a circular economy the norm.  


Re_considered logo


  • A sustainable brand is nothing without being inclusive and representative.
  • We recognise that our sizes are currently very limited and that our models are not representative of all our customers. Changing this however is our biggest priority and we hope you will stay tuned as this is rectified! 


  • All labels are made from recycled brown paper (recyclable too!), stamped with our logo, and are attached using recyclable twine. 
  • Packaging for postage is all reused or made from recycled card. 

Recycled Packaging