Hannah's Restyle

We all have that tight mini skirt we bought 5 years ago, that just doesn't quite suit our style now. Instead of donating it, throwing it away, or just leaving it for another time, there's always a chance you haven't styled it with the right items yet to make you love it again.  

Wardrobe Stories stylist, Clara, explains her thought process when it came to modernising Hannah's skirt using Vintage and second-hand items:

"Hannah’s look I had a rough idea of how I wanted to style it. I knew I wanted to go with a 90s/ y2k style because I saw that’s she wore a lot of festival style outfits with crop tops and flared trousers. Plus she also left a comment that she loved sunglasses so I found a selection from Cream vintage that were perfect for her to choose from! Her look really developed on the day, we weren’t sure if we were going to go with a leather jacket or an oversized blazer. In the end she wore her own leather jacket as it made her feel comfortable and her self which is what the whole process was about! So she was really happy with it."