Albin’s t-Shirt is the sole memento of his life before moving to the UK. In his late teens he lost all of his luggage on a flight and had to start totally from scratch. It’s an expression of his teenage identity and it conjures memories for him of misspent days drinking cans in the park with old friends. Albin opts for cargo pants on the bottom half, a self-professed homage to the Rock, although we’re feeling more of a Kim Possible vibe. Dubbed his "adventure trousers" and equipped with deep, roomy pockets, these trousers have facilitated many incredible experiences, from trekking in the desert to travelling through Brazil.

“This t-shirt is pretty battered and old, but it's the only thing I have left from my teenage days because all my luggage was lost on a flight so I had to pretty much start from scratch, I have left is this one t-shirt.” 

“These trousers are my adventure trousers. Whenever I'm hiking or travelling I always wear these because they’ve got loads of good pockets for your passport and whatever you need. They’re very Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Lots of space for movement, you can jump around. Very 2000s.”

We all have garments in our wardrobe that remind us of a different time in our life. Albin’s story is an extreme example of how clothes can become special through personal experience. These items serve as material reminders of different phases in our lives. According to this report by WRAP, the carbon, waste and water footprints of a garment are reduced between 20-30% if the lifespan is extended by just 9 months. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see that by re-wearing his t-shirt over a period of 7 years, Albin will have massively reduced its carbon footprint.