Our Story

Tabby started upcycling and reworking items from her wardrobe during Lockdown. Realising that upcycling was an affordable way to reduce her consumption habits and fuel her creativity, Re_considered was created.

Re_considered creates one-of-a-kind pieces from unwanted clothing. Every item has a story to tell. We will also work with items from your existing wardrobe and transform them into something you will love and wear again.

We're a small, slow fashion brand trying our best to shift the way we all think about our clothes. Join us on our mission to reduce consumption, and promote circularity in all that we do! 


Re_considered's Upcyclers: 

Tabby Bunyan 

I run Re_considered alongside my uni degree in Spanish and Film Studies at King's College London. I'm a bit of a maximalist, some would say hoarder. Can't think of anything more beautiful than a busy wallpaper! I've been sewing on and off since I was about 15, but only really got into upcycling and sharing my makes during the first covid lockdown. 

Favourite Item in Wardrobe: I bought a dress from a vintage shop in Bristol and its zip broke minutes after I first wore it. It ended up sitting at the back of my wardrobe for a couple of years before I finally fixed it, and it's probably the item I wear most. It fills me with confidence and I can wear it anywhere, depending on how I layer it, or which shoes I pair it with. 

Grace Clarke 

Grace Clarke Re_considered upcycler

As well as someone who loves fashion, I loves art galleries, animals, music, beaches and a good pub! I’ve never been a girly girl, into makeup or anything so fashion has always been how I express myself. I remember making my first dress and thinking, I need to do this forever! I then did a Fashion degree in Brighton and now here I am. I only got into upcycling when I came across Remix by Atika. There is something so satisfying and exciting about taking a sad, broken garment that would just end up in landfill and transforming it into something new. 


Favourite item in wardrobe: I love colour and pattern, specifically jazzy trousers so I’d say my favourite item is a vintage pair of jeans I got from Depop which have little 101 Dalmatians all over them! They don’t actually fit too well though so I may make them into a cute two piece!